Review: Catwoman #32

by Carl Bryan
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Review: Catwoman #32


[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Ram V.

Artist: Evan Cagle

Letters: Tom Napolitano

Colors: Jordie Bellaire

Reviewed by: Carl Bryan



“Are you a praying man Mr. Carreras? – Father Valley.

Catwoman #32- Who is Selina Kyle?
That’s the question that Father Valley has taken to the streets to find out. From her humble beginnings as an Alleytown kid to her greatest heists as Catwoman, all will be revealed.
Because when Father Valley asks a question, it’s best to answer…but when he’s already quoting verses, pray that it’s not already too late for you.
Proverbs, 25:2…..Look it up!


Evan Cagle takes over the reigns for the art in this issue and he doesn’t skip a beat.  Normally as a comic makes an artist transition, something is lost a bit…or in some cases, it is gained.  But in this case, Cagle takes the baton from Fernando Blanco effortlessly so the story doesn’t suffer at all.

From exotic locales depicting Selina’s beginnings to Alleytown and its dark corners, Cagle interprets Ram V’s script effortless. 

Cagle’s depictions of Selina and Father Valley are different than Blanco’s but the same.  No real deviations, but Valley looks even more haunting as he tortures an acquaintance of Selina.  This turn of artists makes things a lot more serious as the confrontation between Valley and Catwoman is marching towards us at a really fast pace! 

Positives 2.0

Ram V’s story telling in Catwoman #32 continues at a fever pitch. How perfect that he depicts Father Valley interrogating someone from Selina’s past.  While a detective interrogates Selina’s sister.  The story runs in a series of flashbacks of how Catwoman came to be.  

After all, how can Father Valley defeat an enemy he knows nothing about?  And as Ram V writes, the more that Valley and the Detective find out, the more they should heed the warning that Selina doesn’t play when it comes to covering all the bases.  

The woman that can deceive Batman…?  And Father Valley thinks he’s a step ahead of her?  As we march towards the confrontation, this should be epic!  Ram V has reinvented this comic with his writing.  Echoing my articles before, Selina finally has the author she deserves.



None here, as Ram V paints both Selina and Father Valley as formidable opponents. 

He is her Joker, and I am fine with that!  Ram V is too smart to allow Batman to swoop in on this one, so it is going to be quite the battle. 


Father Valley has been the surprise of the past few years.  Sure, the early incarnations of The Batman Who Laughs, Robin King and The Grim Knight were great.  But this guy…he’s on another level.  Ram V obviously is a Stephen King fan as Father Valley is straight inspired from some of King’s works.  Buy this book for the cover alone, but buy this series!  It’s great!


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