Indie Comics Review: Ice Cream Man #8

by Kendra Hale
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Indie Comics Review: Ice Cream Man #8

Publisher: Image Comics 

Writer: W. Maxwell Prince

Artist: Martin Morazzo

Colorist: Chris O’Halloran

Letterer: Good Old Neon

Review By: Kendra Hale

If Ice Cream Man #7 was a somber affair, then Ice Cream Man #8 is absolute chaos. Titled “Emergencies“, this one features a patchwork set of points of views that shift as the story proceeds. But first let’s meet our main narrators for this tale. 

Taste testing drugs from the hospital they work for, we are dropped into an ambulance ride unlike any other. Our drivers? Mike and Jenny. They begin a tale about the voices. The ones that whisper evil prompts into our ears. This potent mix of meds and conversation has them unaware of those crying for their help around them. 

 This Ambulance Ain’t Stoppin’ For No One, Baby

A burning house? Dead Clown? The world around Mike and Jenny is breaking down around them. But the drugs cloud their minds as does the voice Jenny is hearing. These things are only given pause…to a bunny. 

Something is causing calamity and distracting chaos . There is a high lack of focus. The town has been transformed into a stage and  it’s denizens are but marionette puppets to be directed. The Ice Cream Man’s symphony is playing and tonight’s theme is revenge. 


There is so many hidden details and different eye catching moments. Of all the issues before it, Ice Cream Man #8 must have been a challenge for Martin Morazzo and Chris O’Halloran. They rose to it of course, this issue is a visual dessert that is of the sweetest variety.  W. Maxwell Prince gives a great finale for this first arc for the series, and sets us up for what is surely going to be an expansion of the world that Ice Cream Man‘s setting is. 


Ya’ll should know better by this point. There is literally nothing negative. 


Ice Cream Man #8  is stunning in its complexity. There are so many things happening at once and yet all of it is connected to Ice Cream Man. What his aim, if there is one, has yet to be seen. But to know that there is this rivalry has been really cool to watch unfold. I am excited to learn who these beings are and just what their allegiances are. 

If you still haven’t started reading this series, why? Such sights are there to be seen. 

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