Madame Xanadu TV Series Coming To HBO Max from Bad Robot

by Brad Filicky
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According to Variety, HBO Max is going to make a Madame Xanadu series with J.J. Abrams and Ben Stephenson executive producing under the deal they have with Bad Robot. Angela Robinson (Professor Marston and the Wonder Women, True Blood) will write the series.

Madame Xanadu in the comics dates back to the time of King Arthur and is a powerful magician. She also tends to lock up evil magical beings in mason jars. She has been in both Veritgo and DC Comics over the years, including be the star of her own series. And this won’t be the first time that fans of the character have seen her in live-action television. She appeared in DC Universe’s Swamp Thing by her name, Nimue Inwundu, and was portrayed by Jeryl Prescott. She also appeared in animated form in the Young Justice series voiced by Cree Summer.

It’s been known for a while that Abrams and Bad Robot have been working on multiple Justice League Dark projects at HBO Max. The prevailing rumor is that we will see  different series starring individual characters as well as a team-up where the characters will come together.. With the team having featured nearly every supernatural character in the DC Universe there are plenty of characters to draw from. We haven’t gotten a release date yet, but stay tuned!

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