SDCC 2021: Dark Knights: Death Metal: The Soundtrack

by Brad Filicky
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Death Metal: The Soundtrack! What does the most off the wall comics stories need? A heavy metal soundtracj of course! Well that soundtrack is here and there was a pane this years Comic-con@home. The pane was hosted by Gwarsenio Hall from Two Minutes to Late Night . He talked to panelists Scott Snyder, Tyler Bates, Chelsea Wolfe and Mastodon drummer Brann Dailor.

First up was Scott Snyder who delved into both the background of the series and how Greg Capullo got him into metal music. At the core of the whole story was Scott and Greg being true to their vision and not compromising. Tyler Bates joined the conversation and gave some insight into how he put the soundtrack together. Since everything was bigger this time around, instead of an EP, Tyler wanted a whole album. He was able to get help from Chelsea Wolf and Brann Dailor.  The result was Death Metal: The Soundtrack! The core for Taylor was as fans let’s give something to the fans.

Up next was a behind the scenes video showing Dave Lombardo (of Slayer fame) playing drums and David Hasselhoff and Brann Dailor recording voice overs as Superman and Darkseid respectively. Oh and Andy Biersack  of Black Veil Brides voices Batman and Chelsea Wolfe voices Wonder Woman.

Bran Dailor and Chelsea Wolfe joined the conversation and talked about how different was to have visual aides as inspiration for songwriting. They also both chatted about how acting was new to them and they had to approach the characters with reverence.

Taylor continued giving details of the process of recording the album including how it was working in the studio during a pandemic and how he got in touch with the artists who contributed to the process. Chelsea and Bran then talked at length about what went into writing the songs they contributed.

All in all it was a very enlightening conversation about fandom and the creative process!





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