Image Comics Review: Geiger #5

by Steve J. Ray
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Geiger – Book Five
Writer: Geoff Johns
Artist: Gary Frank
Color Artist: Brad Anderson
Letterer: Rob Leigh
Reviewed by Steve J. Ray


After a mediocre issue story-wise last month, things are red-hot again, as Geiger #5 delivers a return to form. The action ramps up, as do the stakes in this penultimate issue. The government isn’t playing ball, and Tariq has to intervene when Hailee and Henry’s safety is threatened.


Now, that’s more like it! For me issue #4 dragged, so seeing the plot progress and the action heat up has made me a much happier reader. Geoff Johns has really made Tariq Geiger a believable and sympathetic character, and the introduction of Hailee and Henry has brought a nurturing and heroic side to the character too.

So, the people in charge can’t be trusted – there’s a surprise… not – On top of all that, our heroes have got the king and his minions to contend with too. What else could go wrong? Oh, plenty. The final page of the issue has me on tenterhooks for the “Pulse-Pounding Oversized Conclusion of Volume One”.

Oh, and Henry… I’m with you. I love Barney, too.

Of course Gary Frank, Brad Anderson, and Rob Leigh are absolutely killing it. The art and lettering on this series have always been exemplary, so much so that I really would be dumbfounded if I got an issue from these creative giants that wasn’t beautiful. The children move and emote as real kids do, and Geiger himself wouldn’t be out of place in a Jack Kirby/Steve Ditko, Silver Age, treasury-sized, collector’s edition. This series always makes me feel like I’m reading a comic from my youth, but with added 21st Century grit and atmosphere.


I don’t have any gripes this month. The plot has progressed, characters have developed (though I’m not happy about the fate of one of the central characters), and we’ve learned a little more about how Geiger’s powers work. It feels like the final chapter of volume 1 is going to be a doozy, and I haven’t been nervous/excited about the next issue of a comic since Doomsday finally broke free of his underground prison, waaaaay back in 1992. When you see the final page of this issue you’ll get the reference.


Geiger #5 is a return to form, and I’m genuinely pumped for the finale. Let’s hope we get a few more answers, some great action, and more reasons to want volume 2. Yes, I’m happier this month and really want to read more.

Artwork Courtesy of Image Comics

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