Indie Comics Review: Chu #6

by Kendra Hale
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Indie Comics Review: Chu #6- “(She) Drunk History”- Part One

[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Published By: Image Comics 

Written and Lettered By: John Layman

Art and Colors By: Dan Boultwood

Reviewed By: Kendra Hale

The wait is over and what a wait it has been. Chu Volume One set readers up to adore Tony Chu’s sister Saffron. A criminal of the highest order, she is a Cibopars able to glean all the skills she needs by eating and drinking the EXACT same thing as someone else. Last we saw her she was on her way to be a jailbird but Saffron has much bigger plans and schemes and for someone like her…being around the best criminals has its perks. Let’s get in to the thick of Chu #6.

Pirates And Nazi Gold

Long ago, a cargo ship called the Cioppino had a unanimously despised Captain by the name of Captain Klemme. A drunk and a narcissist, he drove his ship and crew into disaster while somehow managing to survive by being somewhere else… and years later the wreck of the Cioppino has been found. 

Meanwhile Saffron is living her best life aboard a cruise ship with her boo Eddie and her grandfather Ong Chu. They are on the hunt for the Nazi Gold that Ong Chu knows the hiding place of, but while they are aboard the ship why not have other capers in the meantime?  But the caper goes sideways when Saffron is confronted by one Ortolan Palmoil. Ortolan has a plan involving the wine that went down with the Cioppino and is demanding Saffron be his partner at gunpoint.


The team of John Layman and Dan Boultwood have done it again with this issue, when it comes to fun and quirky I can’t name a better duo.  The little awesome hidden gems like Wilson and the crab with the cigar and top hat are littered throughout the issue.  

Chu #6 dropped readers back into a fun and hilarious beginning to the next arc of what is to come for Saffron. One thing is for sure, there will be meals and capers. Deception and betrayals among the high sea. Sounds like a blast!


Literally nothing but having to be so patient as these guys brought this issue to life. 


Chu #6 is a hilarious, action-filled, mystery laden joy ride that you will not regret. I fully agree with stepping back and reading Tony Chu’s books Chew as well. 

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