Indie Comics Review: Jules Verne’s Lighthouse #3

by Kendra Hale
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Indie Comics Review: Jules Verne’s Lighthouse #3

[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Publisher: Image Comics

Writer: David Hine and Brian Haberlin

Artist: Brian Haberlin 

Color Artist: Geirrod Van Dyke 

Letters: Francis Takenaga

Review by: Kendra Hale

In Jules Verne’s Lighthouse #2, Maria and Moses tried valiantly to save the sole survivor of the pirates ambush on the Conglomerate ship. But captured at the climax ending, now Maria Vasquez finds herself on trial for her life. With Moses as her defense can she possibly survive? Let us dive in to Jules Verne’s Lighthouse #3 and find out

War Does Not Determine Who Is Right – Only Who Is Left.

Moses wakes up to Maria being told she will be put to trial. After, of course, verifying the contents of what remains of the Conglomerate ship.  Angie Davis pleads to the pirates that the equipment and the secret biochemical on board are dangerous and volatile.  The reason they were being destroyed was because of these faults.  

Kongre is hearing none of it, he has plans to take the inventory back with he and his pirates to Libertaria as prizes to help the Rebels. Speaking of the Rebels, Maria’s trial and the reveal of what happened at The Battle Of Kolaire is upon readers. Defending Maria is Moses. However, the pirates have Dr. K as prosecution. The weights are shifted against Maria… 


As I am trying to keep from spoiling the book by giving too much away…let me just say this. This is an issue of reveals, from the traitor that caused this all to happen at The Lighthouse, to what really happened to Maria on the field of battle to severely compromise her mind and disfigure her face. 

Jules Verne’s Lighthouse #3 is fast paced in both story movement and action. The artwork is absolutely fantastic as it transitions through these different moments. Maria’s judgement was all but expected. Even foreshadowed through the issue. But finding out the sentence was a wow moment and makes me look forward to what is to come. Highly enjoyable. 


Honestly nothing. 


Science Fiction is a category that can truly hit or horridly miss. Jules Verne’s Lighthouse as a series is an example, nay, a standard of what makes it so captivating. Jules Verne’s Lighthouse #3 is an excellent example and the cliff hanger is sheer perfection. 

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