Court Of Owls Arrives In New Trailer For Gotham Knights

by Joshua Raynor
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As with Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League, Gotham Knights made its debut at DC FanDome last year, but the 2022 game from Warner Bros. Games Montréal brought chills to the Hall of Heroes with a stunning new trailer featuring the game’s big antagonist—the Court of Owls.

In Gotham Knights,  you will get the chance to play as Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing, and Red Hood, in the wake of Batman’s death. The Bat-family faces its biggest challenge yet, as they face off against the Court of Owls, as well as several of Gotham’s heaviest hitting villains. The new trailer really dives deeper into the story we will be getting from this game, however, unlike last year, we did not get any new gameplay footage.

The game is set to come out some time in 2022. Check out the trailer below:

The game is set in Gotham City after the aforementioned death of Bruce Wayne/Batman (voiced by Michael Antonakos), as well as the death of Police Commissioner James Gordon, which has resulted in a rise of crime and lawlessness. Players assume the role of Batman’s former proteges – Dick Grayson/Nightwing (Christopher Sean), Barbara Gordon/Batgirl (America Young), Tim Drake/Robin (Sloane Morgan Siegel), and Jason Todd/Red Hood (Stephen Oyoung) – as they attempt to continue his legacy by protecting Gotham upon receiving a pre-recorded message from Batman. During the game, the heroes encounter several supervillains, including the Court of Owls, Mr. Freeze, and Penguin. Supporting characters include Bruce’s former butler Alfred Pennyworth (Gildart Jackson) and Police Captain Renee Montoya, one of the few honest cops left in the city

Mega Owl

In addition, we heard from Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo, Jim Lee and WB Games Montréal’s Ann Lemay and Patrick Redding about the unique challenge and thrill that comes with adapting the secretive Gotham organization—and their soldiers, the Talons—to the world of console gaming.

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