Justice League #68 - DC Comics News

[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writers: Brian Michael Bendis, Ram V

Artists: Scott Godlewski, Sumit Kumar

Colours: Gabe Eltaeb, Nick Filardi

Letters: Josh Reed, Rob Leigh

Reviewed By: Derek McNeil


Justice League #68: The Tour! The Justice League has some new members. And those members get a tour of the Hall of Justice from the legends who helped build it while they learn about the people who have dedicated their entire lives to its higher calling. Merlin and his army of the aquatic dead have taken over Atlantis! Can Zatanna handle him and the horror she is hiding within?


In Justice League #68, Brian Michael Bendis brings his first storyline to a close. The League has defeated the Synmar Utopica by banishing him to the Phantom Zone. But then the Order demands that Superman turn over the Phantom Zone projector to their care, leading to a standoff between the League and Order.

After that is resolved, the League ponders how to deal with the destruction of the Hall of Justice. While they debate over rebuilding or relocating to a satellite headquarters, The Flash and Superman rebuild the Hall exactly as it was. I was happy to see that Bendis’ destruction of the Hall of Justice was just a fakeout, but I have to question what the point was then. But then again we could ask that about many things that Bendis has written in this title.

Justice League #68 - DC Comics News

Positives Cont.

Overall, this issue is better than Bendis’ other issues, but that’s not saying much. With the Synmar Utopica dealt with and the United Order quickly departing, Bendis actually spends some time focusing on the actual Justice League. He still spends too much time on stuff that should be happening in the pages of his Checkmate title, but at least it’s a bit of an improvement.

Again, the Justice League Dark backup story is the real gem of the issue. Their fight against Merlin in Atlantis is much more interesting than anything Bendis has the main team doing. It’s just a shame that we’re only getting Ram V’s fantastic story in such short increments. I really wish some more of the page count would be given over to the Justice League Dark story.

The writing in the main story may leave something to be desired, but the art is definitely top-notch. I love Scott Godlewski’s depictions of all the various heroes and villains present in this story. At least the League is looking like they’re supposed to. And Sumit Kumar likewise is doing a great job as usual for the backup story.


Bendis’ first storyline ends anticlimactically in a number of ways. First off, the United Order quickly drop their demand for the Phantom Zone projector. They declare that Superman can be trusted with it because “Superman is a member of the United Planets”. Ummm… actually, he’s the representative of a member of the UP. The worlds in the UP are the members. Superman’s the representative and a citizen of the Earth. Earth is the actual member.

But aside from that mistake, the United Order accept that rationale remarkably easily and quickly depart. They come and go so quickly that one has to wonder if there was any reason for them to be there in the first place except for Bendis to introduce his newly created team. I bet Bendis is already planning a United Order miniseries, and this appearance was meant as a teaser.

Justice League #68 - DC Comics News

Negatives Cont.

And the whole exchange about Tamaraneans having a saying that translate to “What would Kal-El of Earth do?” is rather dumb. While Superman’s reputation has spread to many worlds, I don’t recall that he’s ever specifically had enough dealings with Tamaran that their citizens would look to him as the prime exemplar how to act. But Bendis apparently thinks it sounds cool, so that’s enough reason to throw it into his story.


Bendis’ story is an improvement overall, but there’s still room for improvement. I’d give his story a 3/5, but I’ll add another point for Godlewski’s superb artwork. As usual, Ram V and Sumit Kumar’s backup story earns a solid 5/5, giving Justice League #68 a 4/5 overall.



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