Review: Wonder Girl #4
WOnder Girl 4 DC comics News[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Joelle Jones
Art: Joelle Jones and Adriana Melo
Colors: Jordie Bellaire
Letters: Pat Brosseau

Reviewed by: Matthew B. Lloyd


Yara receives training on Mount Olympus, but must return to Earth to say goodbye to Joao before becoming Hera’s champion…forever…!


The story takes a big jump in Wonder Girl #4.  There’s been a mystery afoot since issue #1, but now it’s easy to see, “something’ just ain’t right.”  There’s been some solid misdirection from Joelle Jones, but it comes together nicely.  She has Artemis’ voice down just right, and it’s nice to see Cassie be the intermediary.  While things are clearer, there’s still the matter of the cliffhanger to be resolved, presumably in the next issue.

WOnder Girls 4 DC COmics News

Yara’s time on Olympus is interesting.  More importantly, though, it is paralleled when her mother’s past is recited to her.  Are they both destined to face the same challenges and make the same decisions?  

Positives Cont’d

Joelle Jones provides some great montages in the training sequences, but it’s the scene with Jerry the pegasus in the rain that really stands out.  She’s doing some very Will Eisner-like stuff with the downpour.  Like Eisner, there’s a real weight and heaviness to the rain as it lands and stands.  It is formidable.  It’s not just an annoyance.  And, in this scene, it seems to be the physical stand-in for the emotional burden that Yara is carrying.

WOnder Girl 4 DC Comics News

Not to be outdone, Adriana Melo shines in her own montages as Yara’s mother’s history is revealed to her.  The choice of colors in the separate sequence is interesting. Yara’s mother’s tale is all greens and yellows, suggesting the flag of Brazil, maybe?  On Olympus, it’s a reddish-orange that seems to reflect the martial nature of her training.  And, in both settings, pink returns to frame those moments in which love is present.  Jordie Bellaire adds something really special to this issue, make sure you slow down and experience it!

Wonder Girl 4 DC Comics News


There’s nothing the creative team can do about the delays DC has experienced, so make sure you go back and read issue #3 before diving into Wonder Girl #4.

And, I suppose it’s not really a negative, but Yara’s story and characterization is so strong. that it’s almost a shame that she’s part of the Wonder Woman mythos and not a completely independent character based solely on traditional Brazilian folklore.

WOnder Girl DC COmics News


The story really gets going as the truth behind the mystery becomes more apparent, but the art stands out in this issue.  Jones, Melo, and Bellaire all demonstrate their prowess in the comic art field.  If Roy Lichtenstein were around today he’d be swiping from them instead of Jerry Grandinetti.


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