Garth Ennis To Write Peacemaker One Shot

by Brad Filicky
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Garth Ennis – Peacemaker. It seems like a match made in heaven. If you’ve read Preacher or his run on Punisher you know that Garth Ennis can handle violence and humor with equal talent. And just in time for HBO Max’s Peacemaker series he’s going to be taken over DC’s favorite unhinged vigilante in a one-shot special called Disturbing The Peace, out in January.

Disturbing the Peace highlights Peacemaker’s comic book origins through an appointment between the brutal vigilante and the team psychiatrist for Task Force X. The real question will be who has the upper hand? The psychiatrist or Peacemaker?  One thing is for sure is that Ennis is surely going to remind us why the character influenced Alan Moore to create The Comedian.

Garth Ennis is writing Peacemaker, and that’s all I need to know. Disturbing The Peace hits stores on Jan. 25th.

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