Brian Michael Bendis Will End His “Justice League” Run with “High Style”

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Brian Michael Bendis is due to conclude his run as Justice League scribe, but he won’t be leaving quietly.

Brian Michael Bendis and His Upcoming Bag of DC Tricks

The man who infamously had Superman tell his truth last year will cap off the story he began almost a year ago with the “Infinity Beyond” relaunch.

Brian Michael Bendis:

[We’re] going to wrap up our run in high style.  [Coming up] we have the Justice League Annual fully illustrated by Eisner award-winning Bitter Root co-creator Sanford Greene. [This] gorgeous annual brings Wonder Woman back to the Justice League and starts a cosmic disturbance that will send the DC universe in chaos and bring us some OMAC! There are lots of surprises in this double size spectacular.

The annual in question – renamed Justice League Annual 2022 – has been delayed due to what Bendis describes as “DC editorial shifts.”

Wonder Woman has been absent from the League and presumed dead since the conclusion of Scott Snyder’s Dark Knights: Metal. In truth she has been helping to rebuild the multiverse.

For the last couple of years there’s been a main Justice Leauge story with a Justice League Dark back up by another team. Instead [in issues 72 through 74] you’re getting three double-sized issues in a row that compile a giant Justice League/Justice League Dark crossover event illustrated by [Emanuele] Luppachino and Szymon Kudranksi. [All will be] authored by me as my last statement on the book.

After his stint on the book concludes, his upcoming work on a Justice League/Legion of Superheroes crossover event and the second volume of his co-created Naomi series will keep him busy. For the most part, however, Brian is highly elated with an air of nostalgia.

Thank you all for supporting the book. I got to make some comics with some really cool [people. I] get to say I wrote Avengers and Justice League [Legion, and X-Men] and that’s pretty cool.

Official Source – Justice League writer confirms he’s leaving title, but will wrap it up “in high style” | GamesRadar+

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