John Diggle to return in new Arrowverse show

by Lee White
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David Ramsey is a familiar face to a lot of DC fans, especially those invested in the “Arrowverse”. Ramsey portrayed John Diggle in Arrow, initially as Oliver Queen’s bodyguard then growing into Spartan. The character, with his military background and training, became a pivotal part of Team Arrow and one of Oliver Queen‘s most trusted friends. After being in Arrow for the full 8 seasons (as well as appearing in multiple crossovers) the character is going to lead a whole new show.

Justice U will focus around a young group of selected meta humans going undercover at university. Diggle is responsible for their recruitment and training. Spartan will be hoping to help build the heroes of tomorrow. The new series will be set in the “Arrowverse” and will see a host of brand new characters. As well as appearing in the show, the pilot will be directed by David Ramsey himself. This isn’t his first venture into directing as he has previously directed episodes of Arrow and has struck a deal to direct more across the connected shows.

The Growth of the Arrowverse

This is a good indication of the CWs commitment to this fictional universe. The fact that they’re still looking to grow and build, following the end of shows like Arrow and Supergirl, is a positive sign. With little information on JLU so far, we don’t know anything, except the projected date of 2022/23. However, what we do know for definite is that this show will also have Greg Berlanti as executive producer. Berlanti has worked on all the other “Arrowverse” shows in the same role, including Batwoman, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl.  

Justice U will not be the only CW project Berlanti will be overseeing for the 2022-23 period. He is also working on the other DC related Show “Gotham Knights“.

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