DCN’s Great Lakes Comic Convention 2022 Recap And Gallery

by Eric Joseph
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Despite having covered so many events in Michigan, I had never done so for The Great Lakes Comic Convention. Actually, I attended as a fan back in 2014, and I’d been meaning to return. Well, I’m glad I had the chance to cover it on behalf of DC Comics News and share the experience with readers.

Taking place on February 25-26 at the Macomb Expo Center in Warren, Michigan, this show certainly didn’t fail to impress. Though it went down in the same venue I’d visited years ago, it instantly became obvious that the event had grown in so many ways. I mean, not only were there way more vendors than before, but a much more sizable crowd. It’s safe to say that word has gotten out, and this has become a fan favorite convention in southeast Michigan.

Truth be told, the first thing I did upon hitting the showroom floor was to add Brett Breeding’s signature to my Death of Superman trade paperback. That’s right, the inking legend was there, much to the delight of longtime readers of comics. In addition to him, Javier Saltares (Ghost Rider) and Jim Shooter (The Amazing Spider-Man) were among several industry heavyweights to greet fans. It was also a pleasure to catch up with Michigan-based talent such as Dirk Manning (Nightmare World), Jason Moore (Batman: Haunted Gotham), and Erik Hodson (Rowdy Roddy Piper: The Kilted Avenger).

If anything, some of the most memorable takeaways had to be meeting pro wrestling legends Ron Simmons and Lex Luger. There’s something surreal about speaking to guys that I grew up watching on television as a young wrestling addict. Heck, both of those fellas held the WCW World Championship within the first year I began watching the sport, so you can imagine the memories this brought back for me and those who can relate.

As you browse the accompanying gallery, I hope you get a nice encapsulation of the experience offered. Although this was technically a medium-sized con, you wouldn’t know it by the sheer number of exhibitors. One could spend hours browsing comics and toys, attending panels, or joining others in board games. And, of course, there were some fine cosplayers strutting about as well.

If you would like to take part in a somewhat smaller experience, know that the sister show, Great Lakes Comic Expo, is set to occur on July 16, October 8, and December 10 of this year. As for The Great Lakes Comic Convention itself, the next one is scheduled for February 24-25, 2023. Be sure to follow their social media channels for more info.

Photos taken by Josh Mundy.

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