‘Wings’ and ‘Lois & Clark’ Actress Farrah Forke Dies at 54

by Jay
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Wings and Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman actress Farrah Forke has died at the age of 54.

Forke’s family has announced that Farrah passed away at her Texas home on February 25th after a long battle with cancer. Their joint statement reads, “Farrah was fierce, tender, loyal, loving, strong, funny, smart, protective, kind, passionate, and utterly [irreplacable. She] brought a light to the world that even after her passing, the light remains.”

Fans best remember her from the hit NBC sitcom wings, where she played helicopter pilot Alex Lambert and was the love interest of both Tim Daly‘s Joe Hackett and Steven Weber’s Brian Hackett. She also portrayed District Attorney Mason Drake on Lois & Clark, who was a love interest to Clark Kent until her untimely demise. And finally, she provided the voice of Big Barda in the second season of Batman Beyond in 2000 and Justice League Unlimited in 2005. The return to Big Barda would prove to be her final role.

Forke isn’t the only Wings alum to have ties in the DC Animated Universe. Daly is remembered in the title role of Superman: The Animated Series before George Newbern took over in the follow-up Justice League. Weber, meanwhile, provided the voice of Alfred Pennyworth in a recent episode of Scooby-Doo and Guess Who?, but is better known in Marvel’s camp as Ultimate Spider-Man’s Norman Osborn/Green Goblin.

Farrah’s film credits include projects such as DisclosureHeatKate’s Addiction, and Ground Control. She noted her favorite role was a 2001 independent film entitled What It Is, of which she was a producer. It was later screened at the 2003 New York International Film Festival. She then stepped away from Hollywood and relocated to Taos, New Mexico to spend time with her father.  She returned to her native Texas to raise her two children, Chuck and Wit, with her husband, former Wings Art Director Mark Layton Brown, making her hiatus permanent.

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