The DCEU is under evaluation and may be in for an overhaul, according to reports.

Following the $43 million dollar purchase of Warner Media by Discovery, CEO David Zaslav are contemplating making DC its own “solidified content vertical.” The concept of a content vertical is defined as a brand of content that applies to a specific business sector.

The affect this would have on existing DC properties and those in development is very significant. To date, upcoming DCEU releases include Black AdamAquaman And The Lost Kingdom, Shazam!: Fury of the Gods and the third Wonder Woman installment. As previously reported, The Flash has been pulled from release in light of star Ezra Miller’s legal troubles.

At the merger’s conclusion, Zalav cherry picked possible candidates for the key role of revolutionizing DC content on TV and Film, much in the same vein as Marvel Studio’s Kevin Feige. Specifically, according to sources, Zaslav is looking for someone with administrative skills to keep the new DC media machine he’s constructing operating more smoothly, rather than a creative guru. One person of interest on his list is former 20th Century Studios executive, Emily Watts, but there’s no indication that she would accept this position.

DCEU Future According to Zaslav – What To Expect and What Will be Involved?

With his pledge to find $3 billion in synergies, Discovery obviously has cost cutting waiting in the wings. With that in mind, “mining” DC franchises could help in spending control, insiders speculate.

As far as which properties to tackle, in keeping with Zaslav’s objective of unlocking their full potential, insiders believe the eye could be on second-tier characters. This strategy could be based on the success of the Oscar-winning film Joker starring Joaquin Phoenix, as well as the success of Margot Robbie’s take on Harley Quinn. Further, insiders believe that franchises like the Superman property need to be revitalized. With the box-office success of Matt Reeves’s The Batman, it is a no-brainer that Discovery would want to breathe new life into his superpowered counterpart. As to whether that will involve Man of Steel star Henry Cavill remains to be seen. Cavill has gone on record to state that he’s more than eager to don the cape again.

In spite of its small screen and streaming success with shows such as Peacemaker and an upcoming Penguin-centered series spinning out of The Batman with Colin Farrell, Discovery believes DC Films must reach further. That responsibility falls on the shoulders of Walter Hamada, who took the reigns of the division from Jon Berg and Geoff Johns in 2018. Under his guidance consistency has improved in the last three years with regards to revenues and critical reception. Although his contract expires at the end of 2023, he could factor in to Zaslav’s agenda in an important role.

Official Source – DC Entertainment Overhaul Eyed By New Warner Bros. Discovery Leaders – Variety

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