Review: Catwoman #42

by Carl Bryan
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Review: Catwoman #42

[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Tini Howard

Artist: Nico Leon

Letters: Simon Bowland

Colors: Veronica Gandini

Reviewed by: Carl Bryan


“Don’t test me.  You’re a killer.  It would be nothing for me to have the GCPD lock you up and throw away the key. “ –  Selina to Valmont

Catwoman #42 – You know what they say-some of them are gonna love you, and some of them are gonna hate you-but it doesn’t matter as long as they need you.
Black Mask wants to be the dirty little secret of the Gotham underworld, but Catwoman’s even better at being a secret when she needs to be.
Thankfully she’s not afraid to have a little help-from Valmont, Onyx, and the newly minted Tomcat…exactly the kind of guy to let her in the house.


Tini Howard provides a bit of a homage or backstory vibe to The Batman movie as we see “Then” as depicted below.  That reference really hit home in terms of the recent movie.  Comics have a strong cinematic influence on audiences these days which then allows the movies to blend back into their original material.  Kudos to Howard for using what is available to attract more readers. The storyline permeates a few lines in that Selina is a fan of the underdog.  She serves no one, but she serves everyone that is cast out.  Howard’s scripts provide a more flirtatious Selina.  You ask yourself how there could be such a thing, but as long-time readers, we focus on The Cat and the Bat. However, the cover art upset me in that I didn’t want Selina to deviate from the Batman path…the past two issues have her flirting with…well everyone to a point. Black Mask…Selina puts him in his place.  She is who she is as an art thief extraordinaire.

Positives 2.0

Nico Leon, Simon Bowland, and Veronica Gandini are giving off a real Blade Runner vibe in this book.  Pink and purple abound and the colors are glowing.  The nighttime scenes are fraught with dayglow paint.    It is a “clean” look within these pages.


None per se as Howard is giving Selina a different vibe.  I cannot put my finger on it as she has all the components that Joelle Jones and Ram V gave her, but there is more past motivation, open relationships, and a harsher way of dealing with the criminal element now.


Gotham continues to be a place that is odd to predict.  The Mob and Black Mask…To Valmont (not sure how I feel about this guy given that Selina has memorized his scent)…  What is Selina’s end game?  Is it back to the Bat or is wanting to increase her distance away from Bruce?


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