Review: Nightwing #92

by Carl Bryan
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Review: Nightwing #92

[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Tom Taylor

Artist: Bruno Redondo

Colors: Adriano Lucas

Letters: Wes Abbot

Reviewed by: Carl Bryan


“Take off the cowl and leave your disapproval at the door OR do not enter” – Alfred to Batman

Nightwing #92

Blüdhaven mayor Melinda Zucco is in trouble-pretending to work for Blockbuster while secretly trying to take him and his gang of criminals down, while also working alongside Dick Grayson to uplift the city.

As his half-sister shares the last name of the man who killed his parents, it’s… a lot to juggle, and enough for one to accidentally let slip a secret or two in the wrong company if she’s not careful… Meanwhile, Nightwing and Oracle cuddle up and decide to finally define their relationship.


So let’s applaud a few things about this issue.  First of all, the flashback to where Robin gets his rear kicked by ignoring Batman and going after a mob.  It’s the perfect flashback in every way as it foreshadows the growth that Dick has gone through.

It also gives us a literal art flashback courtesy of Bruno Redondo as he pays homage to the old Batman comics of old complete with a passionate Alfred confronting Bruce about what Dick needs at that moment in time.  The art is perfect as you will see.

Finally, the present day homage to George Perez and Marv Wolfman… the original creators of Nightwing in their own pizza truck.  Sigh… George Perez.

If that is not enough, Dick, Babs, and Haley are on a walk when they run into Bruce and Ace.  I don’t know how Tom Taylor pushes all the buttons, but he does!  Taylor and Redondo are the dynamic duo behind this comic!

Taylor writes a really passionate Dick Grayson, but he also brings this feud with Blockbuster to a head.  Having his sister serving a dual role is going to be interesting and as always, Taylor has us guessing a bit as to how this is all going to be sewn up!

Speaking of Mayor Zucco…. both she and Dick have perfect hair… and I mean perfect!


None. This issue has a special cameo… two if you count Bruce in Bludhaven.  Taylor really knows how to weave a flashback tale to show you growth.  Here’s hoping that growth leads to Babs and Dick simply being the real Dynamic Duo from here on out!


Taylor and Redondo get better and better with each issue.  Any comic that has Haley and Barbara in it is fine by me! Then they weave in the past,  revisit Alfred…. sigh, Alfred… and stay topical with the tip of the hat to the late George Perez is simply perfect.

Everything that Taylor and Redondo have touched in Nightwing has been perfect!  This book bats .1000, so don’t hesitate to buy it and all the previous issues by this creative team!

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