Review: Superman & Lois 2×08 – “Into Oblivion”

by Steven Brown
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Review: Superman & Lois 2×08 – “Into Oblivion”

[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers!]

Director: Gregory Smith, Sudz Sutherland

Writers: Juliana James, Kristi Korzec, Katie Aldrin, Jai Jamison, Andrew N. Wong

Starring: Tyler Hoechlin, Elizabeth Tulloch, Jordan Elsass, Alex Garfin, Erik Valdez, Sofia Hasmik, Dylan Walsh, Emmanuelle Chriqui

Reviewed by: Steven Brown


Into Oblivion” – With Anderson on the run from the government and Superman, General Lane has returned to once again lead the D.O.D.  Can The Man of Steel and Lois’ father stop Ally before she gets her hands on the pendant? If she does, what does that mean for the world?


Once again working with the Man of Steel, General Lane and Superman return to the D.O.D. to discover that the pendant is gone. Taken by Lieutenant Anderson, the pendant is revealed to have the ability to merge the Bizarro world with Earth. Once given to Ally, it’ll she’ll have control of both worlds. Anderson gives the pendant to Ally, and she immediately mobilizes her disciples to go into the mines and head for the portal. Chrissy goes with her, hoping to land the story of the century and maybe a way to stop Ally in the process. However, something goes wrong and thanks to a timely intervention by Superman, Chrissy is saved along with two of Ally’s disciples.


Elsewhere in Smallville, Lana begins her debate preparation for the mayoral campaign. When a friend of hers can’t make it to help, she has to turn to her now ex-husband Kyle for help. Although this moment was difficult for Lana, it was necessary. Kyle brings up the fact that during the debate, mayor Dean will more than likely bring up their failed marriage. Lana says that she’ll simply dodge the question, but Kyle replies that the voters will notice. I give Kyle credit for admitting his infidelities in this difficult time and stepping up to help Lana although he doesn’t have to. Hopefully, this couple can come to a good place soon.

Clark and Lois continue to interrogate Johnathan about the X-kryptonite and its distribution at school. Still defending his girlfriend Candice, Johnathan continues to dodge their questions. With the football season now forfeited because of the X-kryptonite use on the field, Johnathan is now suspended for the year and forced to take classes online. Jordan presses Johnathan to find out who he’s covering up for, but it isn’t long before Jordan ends up saving Candice and Johnathan from an X-kryptonite-powered drug dealer.


“Into Oblivion” shows so much going on not just with the Kent family, but Smallville as a whole. It’s rare that you get involved with the lives of the supporting cast, but in the town of Smallville, you do. With the pendant in possession of Ally’s mirrored self, I’m eager to see what the next episode brings not only for Superman but the people of Smallville as well.


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