Wonder Twins Movie DEACTIVATED, Says HBO

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Wonder Twins will no longer be moving forward as a DC film.

The proposed HBO Max film starring Super Friends favorites Zan and Jayna is no more after its announcement months prior. All ducks have been in a row at this point; Black Adam scribe Adam Szttkiel was writer and director and Temple Hill’s Wyck Godfrey and Marty Bowen were producers. Not only were the lead roles recently cast – Riverdale star KJ Apa as Zan and Isabel May as Jayna – but production was slated to begin next month.

Wonder Twins – What Went Wrong… And Who Are They, Again?

As to the reason, speculation leads to the recent merger of Warner Bros. and Discovery. Specifically, new boss David Zaslav recently pledged $3 billion cuts to projects in development. Due to Wonder Twins carrying a budget of $75 million, that price alone is a probable factor in their green light being yanked. There has been no immediate comment by Warner Bros. following the cancellation announcement.

The Wonder Twins made their debut in the ABC animated series The All-New Super-Friends Hour in 1977. Zan and Jayna were extraterrestrial siblings from the planet Exxor with their blue-furred space monkey, Gleek.

Possessed of shapeshifting powers activated with a fist bump, the rookie Twins did their best to pull their weight with the Justice League. Years later, they made their live-action debut in the ninth season of Smallville and were teased in the final part of the CW’s adaptation of Crisis on Infinite Earths. They have also made an appearance on Teen Titans Go!, as well as a recent monthly series.

So, sadly, “Wonder Twin Powers… deactivate!”

Official Source – ‘Wonder Twins’ Movie Canceled at HBO Max – Variety

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