Doom Patrol Casts Sendhil Ramamurthy For Season 4!

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Doom Patrol has cast Heroes and The Flash alum Sendhil Ramamurthy for its upcoming fourth season.

The actor has been cast in the role of “Mr. 104,” adapted from Jonathan Dubrovny aka Mr. 103. The original character first appeared in 1965’s Doom Patrol #98. Later known as Mr. 104, Dubrovny is a mentally-unstable biochemist who can change his body into any known element. The character’s description obtained by reliable sources is “a charming and mysterious man of many elements.” Cryptic, and yet on point.

Doom Patrol Expands Its Roster With Both A Hero… and Villain… Plus One?

Ramamurthy first burst onto the world stage with his breakout role as geneticist Dr. Mohinder Surresh on NBC’s Heroes for all four seasons. However, he has already made a splash in the DC landscape in the sixth season of The CW’s The Flash. At the advent of the graphic novel structure the show operates now, Sendhil played Caitlin Snow’s old colleague Dr. Ramsey Rosso who, desperate to avoid his mother’s fate, tried to use dark matter to arrest his fatal blood disease against Caitlin’s warnings.

He instead mutated into a blood-controlling metahuman menace known as Bloodwork, powerful enough to overwhelm Barry Allen in spite of The Speed Force. Although given an opportunity to escape Iron Heights after his defeat, he opted to remain in his cell to play the long game. Given his recent appearance in the canon comic tie-in, fans expected him to make an appearance in the final season of the season. However, this recent casting puts that possibility in doubt.

Also debuting this season on the show will be Casey Brinke aka Space Case, played by Madeline Zima, another Heroes alum. Like Marvel’s She-Hulk and Deadpool, this character will be able to break the fourth wall. Zima herself has also appeared in series like Californication and Betas, as well as films such as BombshellsPainkillersInsight, and Diary of A Spy.

Showrunner Jeremy Carver elaborates:

Casey is so beloved both by our writers on staff and by fans of Doom Patrol [in general. We]  finally found a way to bring her into the story in a way that feels wholly organic to us, even though to someone who’s never seen Doom Patrol, it might seem little bats… insane. To us, it fits perfectly! And it’s not just a cameo.

Catch the first two episodes of the fourth season of Doom Patrol on January 5, 2023, on HBO Max.

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