Indie Comics Review: Alice Ever After #3

by Kendra Hale
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Review: Alice Ever After #3

[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Publisher: BOOM! Studios

Writer: Dan Panosian

Artist: Giorgio Spalletta (London) and Dan Panosian (Wonderland)

Colorist: Fabiana Mascolo

Letterer: Jeff Eckleberry

Review by: Kendra Hale


Alice Ever After #3 continues the chokehold this series has on readers. After the end of Alice Ever After #2, fear had us all gripped on just what might be coming for our dear Alice. But one must be careful what they wish for as Alice Ever After #3 shows us in droves. At this point let’s rejoin Alice and newfound friend Matthew as they face the consequences of sneaking into the medication room after hours to indulge…

The Sticky Parts Are The Best Parts

When last we left Alice and Matthew, they had been enjoying their added dose of meds sneakily gained. But Thomas and Theodore were quickly upon them and as we soon see are ready to dole out their version of punishment on the “rats” they have stumbled upon. Thankfully for Matthew and Alice, Mistress Hulda is upon them soon after otherwise the impromptu game of doctor could have been far worse.

Ending up in the infirmary, Alice has a strange voyage in Wonderland and in her memories. She learns of what sparked her trauma and how her addiction to the meds first started. When a visit from her sister happens, Alice asks her if she too has ever seen their father work. In the shadows Hulda sees the fear from Alice’s sister and a new plan is set in motion on just what to do about poor Alice.


As always, the art styles are perfection. Both Giorgio Spalletta and Dan Panosian elicit the emotions they were wanting to as the story drives forward with no mercy or pauses. Genuinely I timed it this read, and I couldn’t believe this was a five-minute run. But once you start, there is no looking away and all you want is more, more, more. It is certainly a hauntingly beautiful book, but it is smartly written and shows in every issue.


Absolutely none. I couldn’t think of any even if I tried for months. This series draws you in with immaculate artwork and holds you with the master storytelling.


Alice Ever After #3 is the halfway point for this five-issue set, but it opens doorways to knowledge and questions that are enticing and siren in origin. You genuinely want to just continue examining the beautiful covers by Dan Panosian and variant done by Dave Johnson. I am saddened because I know there is only two issues left but at this point my heels are dug in and I am ready to read what remains for our Alice.


Images Courtesy Of BOOM! Studios

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