DCU Elseworlds Projects Are In Active Development, According To James Gunn

by Joshua Raynor
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James Gunn, the new co-CEO of DC Studios, has confirmed that Elseworlds stories are in active development at the studio.

What exactly does this mean? Elseworlds stories are tales that take place outside of the main continuity, like how Joker and The Batman were separate from the now seemingly defunct DCEU. DC Comics first launched the imprint back in 1989, putting out such lauded stories as Gotham By Gaslight, Superman: Red Son, and Kingdom Come.

The confirmation came about after a fan on Twitter asked Gunn if any DC Elseworlds stories would be produced under his control, to which he replied “That is actively happening.”

Gunn did not elaborate on what any of those possible projects might be, but we may find out when he reveals some of what they have planned early next year. What stories are you hoping to see done under this Elseworlds banner? Let us know in the comments, and stay tuned to DC Comics News for more details as they’re announced.

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