First Look At Michael Cudlitz As Lex Luthor

by Brad Filicky
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We finally have a look at Michael Cudlitz as Lex Luthor in Superman and Lois! The new season has just premiered and it looks like we are getting a different type of Lex! Of course the first thing that jumps out about this look is the facial hair. I ahve never seen a bearded Lex. It does make for an imposing character! If you are familiar with Michael Cudlitz’s work, you probably remember him as the noble Abraham in The Walking Dead. It’s a shame Abraham met the business end of Negan’s bat.

We aren’t sure what to expect from Lex this season, but it’s safe to say Michael Cudlitz will bring his A game. And that means a take on the character that will be complex.

“Personally, I’ve always felt Lex was just misunderstood,” the actor said of the iconic DC villain. “This whole experience so far has been amazing.” Adding, “From the collaboration with our showrunners Todd [Helbing] and Brent [Fletcher] to the incredibly warm welcome I received from Tyler [Hoechlin] and Elizabeth [Tulloch] and the entire cast and crew. I cannot wait to share with the fans how much fun we’ve been having.”

As most of the CW shows have ended, there’s a lot riding on the next season. At this point it is doubtful that Superman and Lois will factor in to James Gunn’s new vision for the DC universe on film amd TV, but if fans are receptive to these versions of the characters and the actors who play them, maybe there’s an Elseworlds place for them. I know I am looking forward to where we go this season. Cudlitz’s take on Lex may be a jewel in the crown  of a show already full of surprises!

Check out the intimidating photo below! Welcome to the show Lex!


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