Batman Caped Crusader Moves To Amazon With Two Season Order

by Brad Filicky
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Batman: Caped Crusader is getting a 2 season order at Amazon! HBO Max passed on the animated show from J.J. Abrams, Matt Reeves and Bruce Timm. It was feared dead in the water, but now Amazon has stepped up to the plate and has ordered 2 seasons! This is great news for fans of Batman The Animated Series. Bruce Timm was the mind behind the cult hit show. It may not be a direct sequel, but it can be seen as a spiritual successor. Add to that mix J.J. Abrams and Matt Reeves, its hard to believe HBO would pass and no secret why Amazon would jump at the chance to showcase the show on their platform.

With the rash of  of shows be canceled and pulled by Warner Bros, it’s nothing short of a miracle. This is a glimmer of good news coming from Warner Bros in the pre- James Gunn DC landscape. With two seasons guaranteed, the show will have time to develop characters and dig into story telling. That should improve the chances of further seasons.

Obviously we don’t have a release date, but at least this project will see the light of day. These days that is a definite plus, we just hope it doesn’t take to long to get made and that it is worth the wait and drama.

Caped Crusader has been announced for a while and was mentioned during FanDome so the buzz has been there for a while. Also of note is that famed comics scribe Ed Brubaker is also Executive producing. The level of talent involved in this show has a lot of us here at excited. Will it live up to the hype? Right now I’d say the chances are pretty good that it will! Stay tuned!

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