DC has been knocking it out of the park with their books for young readers, and that trend shows no signs of slowing down! DC held a panel to highlight its young readers line at this year’s San Diego ComicCon .

Writers and artists discussed their upcoming books including Nicole Maines, Sina Grace and Jeffery Brown.  Maines, known to most fans as Dreamer on Supergirl, was there  to talk about Bad Dream: A Dreamer Story.  Sina Grace shared his excitement over his upcoming book Superman: The Harvests of Youth.  Penelope and Jerry Gaylord chatted about Diana and the Hero’s Journey and Clark & Lex. Jeffrey Brown was there to talk about the hit Batman and Robin and Howard. Bestselling author Jim Benton got fans hyped for Fann Club: Batman Squad.

With all that star power there were bound to be some special announcements, and the panel did not disappoint! Jeffrey Brown is writing a sequel to his Batman and Robin and Howard middle-grade graphic novel, it will be called Batman and Robin and Howard: Summer Breakdown. It will be a 3-issue comic book series and will arrive in March of 2024.

To top it all off, Sherri L. Smith showed up as a secret guest. She will be writing her first DC graphic novel. it will be aimed at middle schoolers and will be titled Lightning: Changes. Lily J Allen will be doing the art. Lightning: Changes will focus on a  young Jennifer Pierce as she deals with a rough summer. Safe to say the rest of the Black Lightning family will be involved! Lightning: Changes will hit stores in the fall of 2024!  Check out a few preview images below!

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