RUMOR: Man of Steel Sequel Out Next Year?

According to the kind people over at, “knowledgeable people” have informed a “reliable source”   that the sequel to this weekend’s successful Man of Steel will be coming to theaters in 2014.

No direct source is given for the rumor, but it has been taken from The Wall Street Journal, in a piece they did on Man of Steel. The story also refers to the highly inconsistent Justice League project, stating that they’ve “long been developing” the project, and even going so far as to say that it is still possibly up for a 2015 release date.

The news may not come as such a surprise to fans. Remember that the success of Man of Steel has been said to be the deciding factor in the continuation of the DC Cinematic Universe. With one of the most successful opening weekends of the year, it can fairly be assumed that DC Execs sat back, enjoyed a moment of success, and then asked, “What next?”

Does it feel too rushed? Or does DC need Justice League and others to be out as soon as possible? Sound off in the comments below.