DC Comics Villains

by Matt Galvin

Click each name for all the news, reviews, previews and more about your favorite character!



● Lex Luthor- All your news for Lex Luthor, the archenemy of Superman, has high intelligence and incredible technological prowess. He is owner of LexCorp and at times a philanthropist.



● Brainiac– All your news for Brainiac, foe of Superman, an all knowing humanoid who is responsible for shrinking and stealing cities of planets including the city capital of Krypton, Kandor.



● Cyborg Superman- All your news for Cyborg Superman.



● General Zod- All your news for Zod, Superman’s prominent enemy, was a former Kryptonian military general, exiled to Phantom Zone for treason, and swore vengeance against Jor-El’s son, Superman.



● H’el– All your news for H’el, was Jor-El’s prized student and vows to go back in time and stop the destruction of Krypton. No matter the consequences of changing the course of time.




● Mr.Freeze- All your news for Mr. Freeze, was formerly a cryogenics scientist and after a lab accident he became dependent on sub-zero temperatures to survive.



● Penguin- All your news for Penguin, the crime boss of Gotham City.



● Poison Ivy- All your news for Poison Ivy, botanist turned eco-terrorist with the power to control plants.



● Court of Owls- All your news for the Court of Owls, the mysterious illuminati of Gotham City that controlled the city by using Talons as executioners.



● Joker– All your news for Joker, Clown Prince of Crimes who uses chaos and anarchy to create havoc in Gotham City.



● Riddler- All your news for Riddler, commits crimes revolving around an obsession with riddles.



● Two Face- All your news for Two-Face, was once a lawyer who suffered from multiple personalities and after an acid accident, his other personalities emerged making him become Two-Face.



● Catwoman- All your news for Catwoman, is a cat burglar/thief who steals from the Gotham elite.



● Harley Quinn- All your news for Harley Quinn, was once a psychologist until she became smitten by Joker and is now the Clown Prince’s girlfriend.



● Lady Shiva- All your news for Lady Shiva, extremely sophisticated assassin.



● Mad Hatter- All your news for Mad Hatter, is always looking for his Alice. He uses mind control and drinks psychotic drinks to express different types of emotions.



● Scarecrow- All your news for Scarecrow, was once known as Dr. Jonathan Crane who enjoyed creating fear in his patients and continues to gas his victims with fear toxins.



● Hush- All your news for Hush, is Tommy Elliot who is a surgeon and hates Bruce Wayne immensely.



● Saiko- All your news for Saiko, is Dick Grayson’s old friend who was made a default to become a Talon only to be rejected by the Court of Owls.



● Nobody- All your news for Nobody.


● Knightfall- All your news for Knightfall, after being imprisoned in Arkham Asylum for killing her parents. She has made it her business to rid Gotham City of all villains.



● Bane- All your news for Bane, is a brilliant world-class fighter and tactical genius who augments his great physical strength with a steroid called venom.



● Black Mask- All your news for Black Mask, is the King of Gotham City and uses mind control to subdue people.



● Talia Al Ghul– All your news for Talia Al Ghul, love interest of Batman and mother to Damian Wayne. Talia is Ras Al Ghul’s daughter who leads the Leviathan against Batman INC.



●Ras Al Ghul– All your news for Ras Al Ghul, is an immortal being who uses the Lazarus Pits to live longer. He leads the League of Assassins across the world.



Green Lantern

● Sinestro- All your news for Sinestro, is an intergalactic supervillain and antagonist of Green Lantern. He was known as the greatest member of Green Lantern Corps and was mentor to Hal Jordan.



● Hector Hammond- All your news for Hector.



● Red Lanterns- All your news for Red Lanterns which were formed by Atrocitus. The Red Lanterns’ power derives from rage.



● Black Lanterns- All your news for Black Lanterns they were masterminded by Nekron and led by Black Hand. The Black Lanterns seek to eliminate all life in the universe.



● Black Hand– All your news for Black Hand, the super villain who carries the Power Rod that can drain other sources of energy and is the herald of Nekron.



● Nekron- All your news for Nekron, the  Lord of the Unliving who is able to summon the dead to serve him. He is also the mastermind behind the Black Lantern Corps.



● Atrocitus– All your news for Atrocitus, who blames the Guardians of the Universe for the massacre of his sector, and has built up hatred and rage while imprisoned on Ysmault.



● Larfleeze- All your news for Larfleeze, the wielder of the Orange Lantern (avarice) and controls Orange Lantern constructs.




● Black Manta- All your news for Black Manta, the archenemy of Aquaman and seeker of  vengeance against Aquaman for killing his father.



● The Trench– All your news for The Trench, an dying and carnivorous race under the sea.



● Ocean Master- All your news for Ocean Master, also known as Orm Marius, who is the half brother of Aquaman.




Justice League

● Dark Seid– All your news for Dark Seid, who obsessively tries to conquer the universe, including Earth.



● Mongul -All your news for Mongul, the tyrannical ruler of Warworld.



● Despero- All your news for Despero.



Wonder Woman

● Cheetah- All your news for Cheetah, aka Barbara Ann Minerva, who continuously fights against Wonder Woman.



● Ares- All your news for Ares, the god of War who always finds a way to start war on Earth.



● Hades– All your news for Hades, who has always had a tenuous relationship with the Amazons of Themyscira.



● Jinx- All your news for Jinx, a sorceress whose powers include the ability to command the elements and manipulate magical energy.




● Gorilla Grodd- All your news for Gorilla Grodd, Flash’s enemy from Gorilla City.



● Black Flash– All your news for Black Flash, who fulfills the role of death for those who possesses super speed to return them to Speech Force, the source of their power.



● Joseph Monteleone- All your news for Joseph Monteleone, also known as Tar Pit.



● Razer- All your news for Razer, who wears a lubrilon suit that allows him to slough off any force directed at him.





● Black Adam- All your news for Black Adam, the evil counterpart to Shazam who was once an Egyptian prince given powers by The Wizard.



Green Arrow

● Komodo- All your news for Komodo, the head of Stellmoor International who has set out to destroy Oliver Queen’s reputation.



● Deathstroke- All your news for Deathstroke AKA Slade Wilson, the world’s deadliest professional hit man.



● Voodoo – All your news for Voodoo, the alien stripper with a directive to collect information on Earth’s super humans.