Earth 2: We go to WAR!

In this issue of Earth 2 the conflict that has been building for months erupts. Green Lantern, Flash and Doctor Fate take on Steppenwolf’s army, but what will this do to the World Army’s plans for the conflict?




The writing by James Robinson is, as we have come to expect, very well done. The art by Nicola Scott, as always, leaps off of every page and draws readers into the book. This issue really gears things up with the start of the WAR arc.


The thing that makes this story work so well, and has made this title work, is that none of these characters set out to join a team of heroes and save the day. They are all victims of circumstance, thrust into a situation they must now try to resolve. Little by little the team has been forming and we finally see this team coming together on the battlefield. This issue also include some nice, if not short, cameo appearances by Red Arrow, and Mr. Terrific. There are also some great splash pages and half pages throughout this issue. This book grabs you and takes you one a ride.

 earth 2 14 2



Like the last few issues, this one has a tendency to grab you and drop you abruptly. It moves at break neck speed, so you can’t read it standing up or you will get to the last page and fall forward. It just ends, very quickly with next month promising more. Now this is a $2.99 book and has fewer pages than pricier titles, but the story moves so quickly that you cannot help but feel a little cheated.

earth 2 14 3

This issue also has the first misstep in the story of this arc. Green Lantern, Flash and Doctor Fate all decide that the best thing to do for the world, is to start a war just a few hours early. They are Wonders after all, and Green Lantern has media connections. What’s the worst that could happen? This is possibly the least realistic aspect of a comic book that takes place on an alternate Earth and has brightly colored costumed heroes. It’s a plot device that ultimately works out, but feels very forced.


Verdict Rating55/5


This arc has been a long time coming, and is paying off quite nicely. The next issue hopefully amps up the story and includes Mr. Terrific with the rest of the Wonders. This is what we have been looking forward to for the better part of a year, and this book does not disappoint. This is a must read.