PREVIEW: Justice League Dark #22 – Trinity War Part 3

The war rages on in this weeks Justice League Dark #22.

Following the events of Part 2, what role will the Dark team have to play in the Trinity War? And just where do the Trinity of Son (Pandora, The Question, and The Phantom Stranger) fit in?

Check out the previews below!

Justice League Dark #22, written by Jeff Lemire and artwork by Mikel Janin









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  • Space_Monkey_388

    Really liked the first part of Trinty War in JL#22, but the slow pacing of the second part and the fact it’s Geoff Johns makes me worried we might not get a complete story with closure at the end. I just got back into reading DC comics regularly after the new 52 and I realize that they always have to be continuing but Im starting to get somewhat jaded by story arcs that feel constructed just to set up the next one. Trinty War is an event that has been seeded for a long time & shouldnt be about setting up new arcs in the respective books. I hope it has a good ending that shakes up the DC status quo, fingers crossed.

    PS: Love the site, hope you guys do another podcast soon!