MATTEL: Damian Wayne Coming In 2014

Get Robin, Damian Wayne from Mattel for 2014. Click the jump to see more.

The fourth male Robin of the Batman universe is finally getting his Mattel debut as a figure. We’ve heard of this news long ago, but we never knew when this figure was going come out. Now, you can expect Damian Wayne to come out in 2014 as a DCU subscription toy. Read what Mattel had to say about this new collectible:

Toy Fans,

We’ve been waiting patiently while all the logistics were worked out, and now we can finally spill some news about the 2014 DCU subscription! Because you demanded it, Club Infinite Earths has added Damian Wayne to the 2014 lineup!

If the sub goes forward, the cancelled retail figure of Damian Wayne is set to join the most exciting group of figures we’ve ever offered. The son of Bruce Wayne and Talia al Ghul is scheduled to be the final figure released for the 2014 sub, joining an amazing lineup that so far includes Doomsday, ‘90s lookAquamanIce, and “Conner Kent” Superboy.

But there’s a catch… all of this only happens if the 2014 DCU sub goes forward. We’ve only got until August 19 to make it happen so sign up for a 2014 Club Infinite Earths subscription today!


For those who are subscribers for Mattel, you will be receiving this first. For those of you who are not, you can subscribe now to get Damian Wayne. The importance of subscribing is imperative! Why, because you get figures like Damian Wayne in the future. Mattel is trying to produce more figures for fans who want to buy and own their favorite DC characters. As subscriber, you are investing and supporting the company to continue to make more of your favorite DC characters or Batman characters. So, if you are interested in subscribing to DC Club Infinite Earth run by Mattel you can go HERE to learn about the prices and what you will be getting in the mail. You can also listen to  Scott Neitlich who is the Toy Guru of Matty Collector about why it’s been hard for Mattel to produce your favorite DC characters as figures please go HERE.

See the promo shot of Damian Wayne as Robin down below.

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Source- MattyCollector

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