Eric Holmes On Batman: Arkham Origins Costumes

Whether your Batman preferences fall more toward an Adam West style or Knightfall, Batman: Arkham Origins has you covered. Eric Holmes, Creative Director for WB Games Montreal, told Polygon that the game will have extra Batman skins available as downloadable content so players can explore the many different sides of the Dark Knight. These additions allow for a slight alteration to the tone without changing the narrative.

Batman Arkham Origins

See what else Holmes had to say:

“Batman has been around for a long time, and people have their favorite variants of Batman,” said Holmes. “It could be a particular narrative arc or a particular artist’s look, or something like that, and we really wanted to offer people the option to be their Batman.

“It’s visually refreshing, it’s something we’re very proud of,” he added. “It really puts a very different feeling in it, if you’re one of those many different incarnations of him.”

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Source: Polygon