Geoff Johns on ‘Forever Evil’

Geoff Johns sat down with CBR where he discussed the aftermath of ‘Trinity War and the lead in to Forever Evil. He reveals that at the end of the current arc, the villains will emerge victorious. Throughout the month of September, some of the titles like Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Justice League, etc. would be ‘replaced’ by villain-centric issues.

Here are some interesting highlights from Geoff Johns from his interview with CBR:

“The whole idea was to put the villains in the spotlight, unite the villains before we unite the heroes, and kind of contrast our villains, like Lex Luthor, Captain Cold, Catwoman, Black Adam and the Joker and see the differences between them,” 

“I love super villains so it was just a chance to explore the DC Universe in a different way, a way people don’t usually see. This story kind of dictated that; the heroes have never come together and this is going to force them to,”

Johns also specifies on why he picks Lex Luthor as the leader of the Secret Society:

“The story will kind of show you why Lex is the leader — and the story is not what I think anyone believes or thinks yet. No one’s guessed what the story really is yet….Lex plays a very different role than what everyone thinks he’ll play. He kind of sees himself as the hero, so he’s the hero of the story in a weird way.”

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Art by: David Finch
Art by: David Finch


Source: CBR