International Editions of Superman and Batman Comics, The Covers You Never Knew Existed.

Recently while surfing through the webs, as one tends to do. I came across a certain collection that a very dedicated comic book fan had accumulated.



“Solarcadet” a user from the “Bat-Blog” website shared these photos, and they were just too cool to not pass along.

It’s hard to look at the same Neal Adams Batman cover and not get shivers down your spine thinking about everyone around the world who enjoyed The Bat’s harrowing adventure to save Alfred Pennyworth’s niece from being sacrificed to the demon Ballk. Looking at a collection like this truly makes you appreciate how far these heroes have gone around the world, and how much they’ve touched peoples lives.



Similarly, seeing that old Curt Swan style cover brings up a lot of emotions for classic comics gone by.

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Source: Bat-Blog