PREVIEWS: Green Lantern #23.2 MONGUL

With this issue, we get a new origin for Mongul and appears Warworld as well, however this also marks the debut of Mongul in the New 52.  Some of the Green Lantern history was to remain intact with the transition to the New 52, yet one of the bigger events Mongul was connected to The Resurrection of Superman and Emerald Twilight has been changed.  Will we see anything about Hal becoming Parallax, his battle if any with Mongul, or what history will we see of Mongul?  Also for certain, the ending of this issue should hint where Mongul will show up next either in the events of Lights Out, the aftermath of Lights Out, a possible lead into a new Sinestro Corps series with his connection to the yellow ring in the past, or where could Mongul show up next?

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Source: Comic Vine