Batgirl joins the ‘Batman 66’

Yvonne Craig has signed a licensing agreement with Warner Bros. to allow the production and sale of new merchandise and other products based on her likeness as Batgirl, her character in the Batman television series of the 1960s.The issue will be written by Jeff Parker and guest star artist Colleen Coover.

Even if her portrayal of Barbara Gordon dates back to 1967, most fans remember her as the actor who helped define the young super heroine that joined the Dynamic Duo on their mission to protect Gotham.

Dave Johnson Batgirl 66 variant

Batman 66′ takes place outside the New 52 universe, allowing the creative team to take certain liberties without being confined by the current events of Forever Evil. Reading these brightly coloured pages is enough to take some our older fans back to the days they used sit on the living floor and watch these costumed heroes take on the crazy dressed villains that inhabited Gotham City.

Even though the title is ‘Batman 66’, Batgirl’s will take on Eartha Kitt’s Catwoman. Keep your eyes peeled for the variant cover by Dave Johnson.

Source: Comics Alliance