Nicola Scott talks Earth 2

Nicola Scott gave an interview at the NYC Comic Con to Crave Online.

CRAVE ONLINE: Let’s start with some background. How did you get into comics?

NS: Oh, wow. I decided to draw comic books apropos of very little. I didn’t have any experience with comics, I didn’t grow up reading comic books, but I grew up with superheroes. I made this grand decision to draw comics because I loved Wonder Woman, and I wanted a job where I could draw Wonder Woman all day. As soon as that occurred to me, I thought ‘oh my god, somebody has that job right now and that job is drawing comic books.’ After that, being on the other side of the planet with no idea what that decision meant or how to go about it, I decided to pursue it aggressively.

CRAVE ONLINE: What does ‘aggressively’ mean?

NS: I had to learn what that meant, how to do it and how to get those skills. Essentially, that day I went out and bought a hundred and fifty dollars worth of comics, and within six months I sold my car, moved out of my apartment, and quit my job. Six months after that, I was here in New York sharing a room with three people. I was sleeping three hours a day so I could work a job and draw at night. That’s what I mean by being aggressive.

Just a few of Nicola’s reinvented Earth 2 costumes.

CRAVE ONLINE: As far as creating an entire new universe in Earth 2, how were you able to take the touchstones of what we know about DC and then change them?

NS: In terms of character design, there were a bunch of us. There were so many characters that were suddenly going to populate this planet that we had several people on it, including Jim Lee and myself. Beyond character design, it was really about James [Robinson, writer] and I discussing how we wanted this planet to look in comparison to the standard New 52 Universe.

CRAVE ONLINE: What were some of your first differences?

NS: We decided straight away that we didn’t want Gotham City, we didn’t want Metropolis, and we wanted to use less common settings. Slowly but surely, we wanted to show that the state of the planet is much worse than the regular planet Earth.

CRAVE ONLINE: James Robinson is off the book. What’s your relationship with the new writer Tom Taylor?

NS: Tom Taylor and I have been mates for about five years, he’s also an Australian. He and I have had the same DC ambitions from the beginning of our careers. We’d always talked about working together on some big DC book, so the fact that he’s starting his first print on a big DC book with me is exciting. James and I get along really well, and we did so much world building. We talked so much about the book, where we wanted it to go and the tone of it. The things we thought were going to be important, and the rugs we wanted to rip out from under people. It was sad to see him go, but he did something really great by giving us a really big ending but still leaving some of the key moments open for us to interpret.


NS: He said “I think we should really devastate Steppenwolf, but if you want to keep him around, that’s up to you.” “I think we shouldn’t kill Green Lantern, but if you want to kill him, that’s up to you.” He really left things open. So Tom and I and the editor got to discuss really what we wanted to do and how we were going to do it. We were all in agreement to get rid of Steppenwolf, but we had to figure out how to do it. He’s been lurking in the shadows for a year and half, and this was his big moment. He kind of won, at least until the last panel. Tom and I did that panel and we knew he couldn’t just be a body on the ground, he’s a New God. So we decided to hit him with everything, split him in two, and his body will cause a massive chasm in the planet. Let’s just wipe Russia off the map.



Superman Returns to Earth 2………..

The interview ended on a question that has plagued Earth 2 fans for months….

CRAVE ONLINE: When do we find out what the Red Lantern actually is?

NS: Oh God, I don’t know. The book isn’t about one particular event, but more a constant turn over of events. The state of the planet and how it is getting out of hand.

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Source: Crave Online