Review: The Movement #7

Mouse’s life hangs by a hair, The Graveyard Shift batter the walls of The 181, and Christopher is exorcised (or so he believes)! Gail Simone and Freddie Williams II bring readers another smashing issue of The Movement. 


The Movement #7 plunges us back into the over-arching story of the Cornea Killer that stalks the streets of Coral City, finally revealed as Cannon’s son. Not to mention the big reveal last issue of Tremor acting at the team mole. No worries though, she quickly abandons said notions well within the same issue.  Simply put, Gail Simone is weaving quite the riveting story for fans and newcomers alike.

Gail Simone’s writing is top notch and packing heat in this title now that everything is literally beating at The Movement’s gates. While a bit slow at first, the title is steadily picking up steam. A key plot point that’s addressed is Burden’s power set and the possible demon that lurks inside him. Well, great news: that’s essentially voided in this issue. Burden is duped by Virtue into a pseudo-exorcism. Still, when the Graveyard Shift busts down the doors and The Movement is backed into a corner adrenaline rush to see Burden pop around the corner as the most horrifying, Lovecraft inspired creature the DC universe has ever seen.

Freddie Williams II’s art is gritty, hard-boiled-esque style gives this title a distinct look. What really drives home Williams II’s style is the ‘carved’ imprint style it has. With sharp curves, and deep thick lines it as if he chiseled it from a fine oak.





The Movement still struggles to find its place in the New 52 universe. By that, it’s as if Coral City is sectioned off to it’s own little side of the world. Otherwise a fantastic tale!



A fantastic, solid issue that will leave any Gail Simone or Freddie Williams II fans with nothing but smiles.