BATMAN BEYOND Enters The New 52 With Weekly Series FUTURES END

2014 will see the emergence of not one, but TWO weekly DCU titles!

In addition to Batman: Eternal, a second series titled The New 52: Futures End will be debuting in Spring 2014 featuring none other than Batman Beyond himself!


Futures End will be written by a cadre of talented writers, including Jeff Lemire, Keith Giffen, Brian Azzarello, and Dan Jurgens. As for the setting, Lemire states that it will most certainly take place in the DCU’s future and will “explore the nature of what a hero is” with “past, present, and future all colliding in this story line.”

Three specific characters have been identified so far: Frankenstein (past), Firestorm (present), and Batman Beyond (future). Yes, fans, Batman Beyond will officially be added to the New 52 continuity with this new series. While specific details are still vague, judging from the cover image, one can assume that Brother Eye will play a big part. Brother Eye played a large role in both “Infinite Crisis” and “Final Crisis.”

DC Comics indicated that the title would feature rotating artists, including but not limited to Ethan Van Sciver, Jesus Merino, Aaron Lopresti, as well as Jurgens acting as both writer and artist.

Futures End debuts in Spring of 2014!

Source: Newsarama