Joaquin Phoenix Being Courted for Lex Luthor?


Another name has been tossed into the ring for a “Man Of Steel” villain as new reports say Warner Bros. has their eyes set on the Oscar-nominated, Joaquin Phoenix.

After months of speculation we’ve seen a number of actors being named as frontrunners to play the bald baddie himself, Lex Luthor. Sources say that Joaquin Phoenix, fresh off the success of his latest movie “Her” is wanted by Warner Bros. execs to be the film’s main villain.

lex luthor

Actors such as Callan Mulvey and Jason Momoa have been linked to the sequel as potential villains  but Warner Bros. says that they want the main villain to be a “sure-fire” actor and deemed Mr. Phoenix the best choice.

No word has come from the Oscar-nominated actor himself or his camp, but for the past couple of years he has seemed to avoid the big budget movies, so speculation is warranted.

Nailing down an actor of Phoenix’s talents would be huge for the movie and would definitely generate a buzz amongst everyone. Here’s to hoping this is all cleared up sooner rather than later.