Update: ARROW Star Stephen Amell’s “Studio Level” Talks


Well that was fast, seemingly within hours of reports claiming Arrow star Stephen Amell had engaged in “studio level” talks with Warner Bros about possibly appearing in the Justice League movie he has aggressively taken to Facebook to refute the claims:

stephen amell


Chalk it up to wishful thinking in my previous article about him appearing in the Justice League movie. Amell seems dead set on making Arrow the best show he possibly can, which is commendable. Who knows, maybe down the line in 2016 or 2017 whenever they make the movie, the show will develop even more of a following and force Warner Bros. execs to seriously consider having Amell in the film. Despite this Facebook post the actor has said to join the movie is something that would definitely interest him.

Here’s to Arrow making even more strides as it pushes forward in its second season, and for all “dickweed” writers to stop fabricating untrue titles.

Source: Facebook