Hake’s To Auction Dean Cain’s Superman Costume!

Lois and clark

Hake’s Americana is auctioning off a piece of  Superman history. Up for bid is a set worn costume from Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. A “Production Draft” script for “It’s A Small World After All” is included and signed by series star Dean Cain. Season 3 Episode 20 “It’s A Small World After All” was written by Pat Hazell and Terri Hatcher, this is first and only time Hatcher who played “Lois Lane” had written a script for the show.

The episode originally aired on April 28, 1996:

Lois and Clark go to Lois’ high school reunion, and there, she finds out about the disappearance of two of her classmates’ partners- disappearing, because another of their classmates wants revenge for her unpopularity in high school. She’s shrinking them using a formula created at her successful cosmetics company, and now she has Clark in her sights. Now Lois needs to uncover her secret, or Clark will be continue to shrink until he disappears forever.”

Dean Cains Superman              Dean Cain               Script


Full size shiny Lycra body suit w/9.5×13″ embroidered applique on chest of Superman’s iconic “S” shield. Suit has full-length, 60″ long cape w/10×14″ yellow embroidered “S” shield on back of cape. Separate red trunks and attached stitched belt w/fabric-covered belt buckle completes outfit. Suit also comes w/pair of 11.25″ long, 17″ tall red leather-like boots that have zippers in back. Suit and boots were worn by actor Dean Cain on the 1993-1997 ABC-TV series “Lois & Clark – The New Adventures Of Superman.” Blue areas of suit have slight fade as revealed under trunks, boots and underneath cape. Tiny 1/8″ snag on right thigh. VF overall. Suit is displayed on and comes with 74.5″ tall mannequin that has had it’s face/hair painted to closely resemble Superman. Comes w/8.5×11″ script for Episode 20, “It’s A Small World After All” written by Teri Hatcher and Pat Hazell. Script is marked “Production Draft” and has Feb. 20, 1996 date. Cover has been signed in black felt tip pen by Dean Cain. Exc. Comes with Hake’s COA and JSA COA.

Current Bid: $1210.00                    Bidding ends: March 20, 2014 at 12:00 PM EST

Source: Hake’s Americana


Thomas ODonnell

Thomas ODonnell

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