The Criticism Of Comic Book Fans

We as comic book fans are a community that is known to be vocal and to express our concern when we do not agree with something. I can attest to this, since I have done this myself. But where should we draw the line? Inspired by an article on the website, The Daily Beast  article and by a discussion in one of my classes that was about gendered power and violence. I can only hope that this article can inspire you and others to stop this type of behavior or actions in person or online.

In a recent article posted on website, The Daily Beast, it discusses how comic book journalist and former DC Comics editor, Janelle Asselin discussed how she felt about the new Teen Titans cover. While she felt that the cover was not up to her standards, she was soon bashed over her critique by fans. The fans called her various derogative terms and she even received threats of rape.

Another example, is of the casting of the Man of Steel sequel. Batman vs. Superman, as the media is dubbing it; fans everywhere are critiquing a film that has not even been released yet. Many of us fans agreeing an disagree about Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor and most famous around media, Ben Affleck as Batman. Watch the film when it comes out and from there you can give your “review” on it. Until then, relax and just enjoy the ride.


It is understandable that as fans that we are passionate about our favorite characters but why should we become so hateful and contemptuous. We as comic book fans are supposed to be a community that is supporting of the medium, which we love so much. Yet, we have become so cynical and hateful towards each other and the creative forces behind the comics, films and shows our favorite characters are a part of.

Why must we as fans be so hurtful towards each other? Especially in a storytelling media format that created characters that are meant to better the world and inspire everyone, young and old. We as comic book fans have become so judgmental and critical about every little thing. I know I’ve been there and I’m trying to stop doing that. We need to be more respectful towards each other. It is okay to be critical and analytical but be respectful about it. Don’t get to the point where you hate the medium you once loved.


  • Ned Oston

    Because that’s who people are now hateful, cold hearted, judgemental and spoiled rotten beyond all belief to the point where we raise hell is things don’t go exactly our way this who we are god help us all

  • Eric

    As a man, father, grandfather and long-time (30+ years) comic book reader, I’m completely and totally disgusted by the stupidity shown by the small, but incredibly vocal, segment of my gender that seems to think that they’re entitled to say the most hurtful, vile things they can imagine to a woman that dares to have an opinion about “their” sacred cows.

    I’d much rather engage in a spirited, open debate with someone who knows the subject material inside and out, be they male or female, than degrade and denigrate their opinion simply on the basis of their private parts…

    Sadly, I think I’m in the minority…

  • glantern35

    Fanboys are douchebags. True story. Each of them knows better than everybody else. If you don’t like the same things, you’re an idiot. I stopped trying to be respectful of them. Now I just do things to piss them off on purpose.