Finally I get to review one of my top 3 favorite titles Red Hood and the Outlaws!

Synopsis: imagesCAZCMP86

“The Big Picture” concluded in this issue, so for the obvious we start off right where issue 30 left us with Roy still trapped on their spaceship that was stolen by none other than the Main Man Lobo! Now with the leader of the thugs who stole the ship revealed we finally get the reasoning behind it. The ship that the Outlaws have been using as their beach house holds a weapon that can destroy any planet and Lobo is gunning for Earth. So with this knowledge Roy has to come up with a way to stop him, but how can he stop Lobo when he couldn’t even stop the help? Well good thing that Roy left his communicator on because Jason and Kori have been tracking him with it, but now that they have the ship they needed to get to Roy they can finally reach him.

But Lobo knows that Roy has two friends on the way and has been tracking their every movement and waiting for them to arrive. Just when Lobo and his crew think they have Jason and Kori they disappear only to land their ship in Lobo’s ship. After the three friends are done saying hello Jason and Kori find out who actually stole the ship when Lobo grabs Kori and tosses her to the side, at this point Jason is doing what he does best and that’s hacking away at the crew with his new blades. Thinking he has the upper hand Roy finally lets Jason in on the secret that they’re not that easy to kill with the two goons growing there arms back.

Kori finally gets up only to be knocked out with a word by one of her own kind and Jason gets taken down by Lobo. With the would be rescuers caught Roy slips away to think of a plan, when Lobos goons finally find Roy they bring him back to Lobo where Roy unleashes his plan. Roy programmed one of his Roy-bots to communicate with the nanotech in the world killing machine. By doing this Roy is able to send Lobo, his crew and the spaceship somewhere out in space. Now that the three friends are finally back together on their own ship Roy reveals what he did to Lobo and his goons, happy that they’re back together it seems Jason is a bit mad that Roy didn’t kill Lobo. The last two pages show Lobo using Roy’s gadget to kill his goons and see’s he take off in the ship, meanwhile on the final panel we see Lobo 52 just outside Earths orbit still looking for the so called imposter!



  1. I love this book. Kori is the only one that has any power  and Jason and Roy are just regular guys that know how to kick butt, but in each issue or arch we see that each one can save the day or in this case the world! I like how Roy is shown as a screw up but is also shown to be able to right his wrongs when necessary like in this issue.
  2. Another great thing about this issue is we got to see what this trio of heroes is capable of doing. Are they as popular as the Teen Titans? Probably not but could they take on the Titans? Yes I think so. I think Jason is one of the best leaders in the DCU and he is also the closest to Batman in fighting ability in my opinion! Roy is a loose cannon but when it comes time to save his friends or the day he seems to be even better than Green Arrow. Finally Kori, her power is on par with the likes of anyone on the Justice League. So I believe it goes without saying that these characters should keep on fighting A level villains and keep this book going!


  1. There are very few negatives you’ll get outta me about this issue, but I will say that I do wish that the Red Hood series would stay on the Earth as much as possible. I don’t believe that there a team who should be fighting up in outer space. For example how many times has Nightwing or Batman for that matter been off world in the New 52? Never, so why send one of his protégés and a former Green Arrow sidekick into space? Just because one of them happens to be alien I just don’t get it.


This was a great issue to conclude the story arch. I’m still waiting for the Lobo vs Lobo but that’s for another day. I’m hopeful that this series will stay on its mark and keep up for as long as possible because I’m not ready to let go of these characters and I think there are plenty of readers who would agree with me.