Hey guys, Darius here, bringing to you my review of  issue #26 of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES! This issue is part two of the three part “Burning Love” story arc of the series. Continuing on from issue #25, #26 finds Elena and the gang being interrogated by the police in regards to the tragic fire that killed a fellow cheerleader at their high school. As the interrogation continued, the gang’s suspicions seem to point to a love triangle involving Stefan Salvatore.


  • I love the artwork done by Colleen Doran. She is very detailed with her drawing of the characters and can capture their facial expressions really well. Especially Damon, she detailed Damon to a tee…especially that scene where he answers the door for Abbie and he drops his towel, that was pretty detailed to say the least. All in all, great artwork.
  • I like the writing in this issue as well, which is also done by Colleen Doran. She wrote the Abbie character so well that I started to really feel for her. You can tell she is lonely, desperate, and wanting for someone to fill a void she has. Of course, with Elena and the crew, the writing is perfect. It is like they took the characters from the show and just threw them on the pages of a comic book.


  •  Not that much vampire action that goes on in this issue. It is a lot of flashbacks to discuss what happened prior to the event of the cheerleader being killed in the fire. So if you are looking for your normal THE VAMPIRE DIARIES action, you will not find it in this issue.


This is a good part two issue of the overall “Burning Love” arc. It seems like part three will have interesting developments that will take place and I am looking forward to it. I recommend this issue only if you read part one first because if you did not, then you would not understand where part two was coming from and why they are being interrogated.