Arrow Season 3 Spoilers

Season 2 of the smash hit television series “Arrow” has just come to a close with its explosive finale as the Arrow, Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) took on his former friend Slade Wilson (Manu Bennett). We were given a treat of a fight between the two and an ending that left us all wanting more. All the while giving us glimpses of a past fight between the two in flashback scenes that have become the corner-stone to the back story of the show.

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After we see Slade defeated and imprisoned at the hands of Oliver, we’re treated with another  flashback where he encounters Amanda Waller after he defeated Slade and left the island on which he had been stranded for five long years. This has given rise to much speculation about where season 3 will head in terms of revealing more about Oliver’s past and how this will add to the loss of Oliver Queen’s humanity in terms of becoming a killer out of necessity.

Marc Guggenheim has revealed to Time magazine that season three of the show will feature a slew of returning characters to the series. One of which will be Anatoli, portrayed by David Nykl about whom Guggenheim stated:

We know that Oliver has to get the Bratva tattoo in some way because he has that on his chest. And David Nykl, who plays Anatoli, is such a phenomenal actor. We will definitely see him again. I can’t say whether or not that will be in the flashback or the present day, but we do have a tendency to write for the actors who we love. And David is really, really terrific as Anatoli. So you haven’t seen the last of him (Time Magazine)

In addition, yesterday, May 27, 2014, the website TV Line revealed a new spoiler teaser for this fall’s season 3 of “Arrow.” According to the website there are going to be more flashbacks of Oliver Queen’s life during the five years he was away from Starling City.

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In the spoiler chat reveal, TV Line stated that they had asked Stephen Amell (The Arrow) and his alter ego Oliver Queen, how this new stretch of “apparently Waller-centric flashbacks” will inform the coming season and in response he said

“Oliver lost a lot of his humanity in those five years away from Starling City, so as we see that continue to happen it in the flashbacks, we will see how much of his humanity he wants to get back in the present.”

This means that Amanda Waller, played by Cynthia Addai-Robinson, will have had a major impact on Oliver’s loss of humanity in the five years that took place before Season 1.

What are your thoughts? How do you think this new direction of Oliver’s flashbacks will affect the series as a whole?

The premiere of Arrow’s third season is set to debut Fall of this year on the CW.

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