DC Staff Members No Longer Getting Comp Copies Of Comics

As of June 25th, DC Comics staff members will no longer be receiving physical complimentary copies of DC published comics. Instead, they will receive free download codes for Comixology for each issue.

The reasoning behind this change are simple:  promote efficiency, reduce office clutter, and reduce print cost (even though the cost is pretty much negligible since Comixology gets paid to provide these issues).

DC office

This will also prevent staff members from selling their copies and using their comps to trade for other issues at comic shops.  And by using Comixology over PDFs, it lowers the chance of pirating.

DC wants to make sure their new Burbank office stays clutter-free, helping to keep things neat and organized.  Also, since DC Burbank doesn’t have a dedicated mail room, it would be much more difficult to distribute all of those physical copies.

I personally think this change makes perfect sense.  The staff is still getting these issues to read, but there won’t be piles and piles of comics laying around the offices.  If I worked for DC Comics, I would be more than happy to accept this change, because, hey, at least I’d still be getting my comics for free.


Source:  Bleeding Cool