Jim Lee talks Batman’s 75th

Legendary artist and DC Entertainment co-publisher Jim Lee drew his version of Batman for writer Jeph Loeb in 2002 to 2003, Batman’s story arc “Hush,” and for Frank Miller’s “All Star Batman and Robin, the Boy Wonder” from 2005 to 2008.




DC Comics is commemorating 75 years of the Dark Knight, the Caped Crusader was first introduced to readers in March 30, 1939, in “Detective Comics No. 27,” with artwork by Bob Kane and script by Bill Finger.

Lee stated his discovery into comics was via hardcover collection of old Batman comics, he found them at his local library, checking the books out.

At Lee’s senior year at Princeton, Frank Miller made a tremendous impact into his life with the iconic “The Dark Knight Returns”, Miller shook the comic world, Jim Lee goes on and says –

I was still following comics. I still had subscriptions to my favorite comics that were being mailed to my parents’ home, and I would read them when I was on break, but I kind of lost interest in comics because the story lines were extensions or continuations of the kinds stories I’d read as a little kid

Jim Lee was also asked about his thoughts on Ben Affleck playing Batman in the upcoming Batman Vs Superman flick –

What does Lee think of Affleck taking over the cape and cowl, most recently previously donned by Christian Bale for Nolan’s “Dark Knight” trilogy?

I’m excited as a fan. I thought he was great in ‘Argo’ (2012), and I think he’s got the chin for it, which I think is a big part. If I can visualize that face behind a cowl, I think he can be a very impressive-looking Batman. So, I’m excited. He’s in very capable hands in Zack Snyder. I loved ‘Man of Steel,’ and Zack is a great storyteller and visualist, so I think it’s going to be dynamite.



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