“BvS” Updates on Lexcorp and Man of Steel Suit


Filming has already started for “Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice” and naturally rumors, “leaked” pictures have been flying all over the inter webs. Recently some lucky locals have snapped pictures of what appears to be a Lexcorp building, the building features a large “X” on the logo. Definitely different than the logo we’ve seen in the “Man of Steel” movie. But with reports of Lexcorp being a “young, edgy” company, maybe this is a startup building for the future billionaire Lex Luthor to be played by Jesse Eisenberg. Check out the picture of the rumored Lexcorp building below.

Batman V Superman


In other news, a picture of a Superman suit was seen on the webs as a new, innovative look to the uniform. There was many BvS-Statuespeculation on if this was the new alterations Costume Designer, Michael Wilkinson has said he would make. After further research though, apparently it’s just the beginning of a Superman statue that will appear in the movie. An eye witness said “It is standing on some steps that have been constructed. They look like the types of steps in front of a government building. They are concrete-ish in color. There isn’t a background, so I assume this will be green-screened and dropped into some other shot.”

Reportedly the statue will stand about 15 feet tall.

Source: Uofmuscle.com