Nightmare Robin and Atomic Joker Join Infinite Crisis

DC Comics’  Infinite Crisis video-game adds two very interesting and rare characters to its roster: Nightmare Robin and Atomic Joker.

Everything is Batman this days, movies, animated shorts and films, and video games released accompanied by a huge family of comics, the presence of the bat is felt everywhere in the media.

Infinite Crisis is an all-new multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) developed by Turbine and produced by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment (which has also produced the hit Mortal Kombat game from 2011).  The game is of course based in the DC Comics Universe. To be more specific, it centers in the idea of gathering the most powerful heroes (and villains) from each world in the Multiverse of DC Comics to prevent total oblivion.

With an already interesting and diverse roster, the game adds two new figures: Nightmare Robin and Atomic  Joker. You may wonder why they are called that way, lucky us, they both were released with a description to explain their rare monikers.

Nightmare Robin

Official description:

Universe of Origin: Nightmare
Alignment: Hero
For millennia, the vampire Ra’s al Ghul used his League of Assassins to manipulate Earth-19 from the shadows. His daughter, Talia, also cursed with vampirism, desired her father’s power. All Talia’s efforts failed until she finally found the edge that she required, a man who was strong enough to challenge the Demon’s Head: Bruce Wayne.

Talia, knowing Bruce was Batman, spent years influencing him toward her ultimate goal of her father’s destruction. Yet she would leave nothing to chance. Talia created a child, the perfect union of her family’s vision and Bruce Wayne’s potential. She named the boy Damian, training him in secret before sending him to apprentice with her estranged lover, as Robin.

Here, once more, Talia’s plans met with frustration.

In the final confrontation between Batman and Ra’s al Ghul, Damian realized the depth of his mother’s depraved manipulation when Batman was infected by his grandfather. Damian watched as Batman, the man he loved and respected, became a ravening monster, succumbing to the curse of vampirism. The ashes of his father’s humanity kindled a burning certainty that the blood of al Ghul could only birth monsters.

Now, feeling the compulsion of his own vampiric curse, the young Damien fights a war to scourge the filth of vampirism from the world.

Indeed Nightmare Robin takes the name of the Batman family to an all new level. He is now a  vampiric creature, not only by name. Watch the video bio for Nightmare Robin here.

Atomic Joker

Official Description:

Universe of Origin: Atomic
Alignment: Villain
When they broke into an abandoned military bunker, those blighted survivors of the nuclear war couldn’t have realized what they were about to unleash on themselves. Within its derelict walls, they discovered a hibernating computer system. Sensing their movements, the system activated and they found attached to it the head of the Joker suspended in a preservation vessel. The Joker welcomed them with a cackle and told them it was time to build the future.

The Joker told them that the military had wanted to use his unique mind to come up with nuclear war scenarios. Displaying a brutal pragmatism that the Joker appreciated, they put his head in a preservation vessel and got rid of the “superfluous” parts.  Now that the “serious” world was dead and gone, he told the survivors, it was time to build a new “crazy” one.  So desperate were the survivors that they decided to listen to the Joker and began building a new community within the bunker.

As the community prospered, the survivors increasingly followed the Joker’s orders without question, until they eventually had no will of their own. When the Joker commanded that his vessel be attached to the back of one of his minions, so that he could better see the world he was building, many vied for the honor.

This version of the Joker is either crazier than the one we know or more cunning than what we are used to. The developers went full crazy with the design for this Joker, it is literally the head of the Joker attached to the body of one of his minions. Watch the video bio for Atomic Joker here.

Infinite Crisis released these two characters along with a tutorial in which you are coached by DC Comics heroes, while also giving you the chance to unlock 6 other new playable characters.

The video game is currently in its Beta state, you can play it on the official website here.


Is this idea of Robin good for you or do you prefer Damian to come back to the comics alongside Batman? Is this Joker crazier enough for your taste? Which characters should be added to the roster?

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Antonio Jose Chavez

Antonio Jose Chavez

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